Success Stories

I’ve helped many people to break free from the pain of digestive and IBS troubles – and get back on with living their lives.

Here’s what some of them say

“It’s amazing after 3 days how the inflammation has gone down significantly!…Holly has an everyday practical approach to nutrition and ‘healthy’ living which is easily accessible and allows you to feel supported during your own journey”


“Working shifts impacts my training, how I eat. I want to manage this myself…enjoy life on my days off.” “I love all the food you suggested…I’m not eating just pasta and pesto anymore. The seed is firmly planted in my head, thanks to you”. I’m trying to do the balance. “You’ve been very encouraging in your style…very helpful”


“I did what you recommended….replacing foods that could be inflammatory, focussing more on rest and lifestyle and it worked. The diarrhoea stopped within a few days and I’m suffering from much less indigestion now too!”


“Holly has been so helpful in enabling us to feel we are in control of a collection of symptoms that felt like they were controlling us and limiting possibilities. From the start she was encouraging, practical and supportive; she made us feel we were in very good hands with someone who understood the problems, empathised, could shape a plan for what to do with them and brought lots of expertise and experience to the table. She has really helped a teenager gain control of IBS symptoms and improve energy levels”


“After COVID lockdown and employment redundancy, I found myself seeking Holly’s help for some well-being coaching for myself and ultimately, my family. I wanted to be a working mom who had achieved the dream balance; with time to support each member of my family whilst enjoying work without the “mummy guilt”. I needed help with goal setting and support to manage family tensions. The rut we all seemed stuck in left me wondering where to even start. Holly offered a variety of coaching techniques to help me focus on making manageable and meaningful changes toward a more harmonious life for my entire family. I received support to help with the way we communicate and spend time as a family in addition to having a closer look at nutrition and achieving a more healthy diet for us all. Sessions in monthly intervals allowed for opportunities to review how things were going and stay motivated. Improvements in the way we interact as a family have been life changing and we all can feel the benefits of healthier eating habits. I can easily recommend Holly to anyone!”


“Thanks to Holly’s guidance about what to eat that could work for my body m symptoms were better within the first two weeks, and I had much less gas. Christmas (a month later) was the best it’s ever been reaction wise. I cut back on a few things but had mainly what I would have every year, and the bloating was only very mild. Food reactions since have been very mild and minimal so I’m very thankful to Holly for that.”


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